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Top 7 Content Optimization Tips

Providing quality content is the key to success with Web users and search engines alike. But understanding the way content is structured and how a search engine might crawl it is also important to consider. Let’s explore some important tips on site architecture and SEO. Organize Your Content in the Planning Stage Sometimes the aesthetics

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Organic search engine optimization is often seen as complicated, confusing, and complex. While SEO overall can be a complicated process, basic on-page SEO tactics have remained fairly simple and straightforward. Since our goal is to make SEO as simple as possible, without being convoluted, we outlined the top 7 basic on page SEO tactics below.

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Insights into URL Structure

URLs are crucial building blocks within any website. The URLs that your website uses enables users to move from one page to another, and helps to organize your site’s content into organized sections. URLs also remain important for on-site search engine optimization. Changes to URL structure can significantly impact your SEO performance, and URL content

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For those that run pay-per-click advertising campaigns, a good landing page can mean the difference between converting visitors and wasting money. Below are just a few tactics that are crucial for creating successful landing pages that will help you recoup your investment faster. 1. Tell Visitors Where They Are It may sound obvious, but many

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There are countless variables that SEOs must contend with in order to attain competitive rankings. Getting to number one in the search engine results pages (SERPs) doesn’t require one or two helpful tactics, but numerous tactics and a sound strategy that will help a site battle countless competitors that are actively trying to rank above


One billion people a month view YouTube videos, watching them more than six billions hours. Your target audience is among that group. There are two ways to take advantage of this huge supply of prospects. Add your videos to the mix and let your prospects get a look at what you can offer them. And


In each century, people with drive and ideas want to know the building blocks of success. The counsel of the greats, from philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson to business magnate Warren Buffett, is surprisingly similar. It all comes down to making full use of your mind, your hands, your ethics, your ability to connect and your

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If you are tired of the poor results your website gives you or do not have the patience, time or budget to have SEO work carried on it you should consider leasing out a lead generation website. A ‘rank and rent’ website is one that has already been optimized for months and already ranks on



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