Dental SEO - A Surefire Way to Increase Visibility

Have you been using the Yellow Pages and paper ads in your marketing strategy? Then think of the following: People wake up in the middle of the night because of toothaches all the time.

Do they reach for the Yellow Pages to look up a dentist’s office? No, they want to find one right now.

So, they take to the Internet and find a dentist in the 0.1 seconds it takes to load Google results. How did they manage to find one so fast? Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), of course.

Dental SEO marketing works to get online visibility for your dental office.

You may be thinking: “I’ll just pay for some Google ads! That’s sure to help patients find my quality service.” But you’re missing one crucial point: That’s what everyone else is doing!

We’re not just saying that because it’s true. Take every single business that uses Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. In their combined efforts, they only garner 10-15% of online attention.

Now imagine your business trying to fish away at that small percentage. Your SEO dental marketing plan doesn’t have to get such sub-optimal results.

Compare the above numbers with the following: 40% of calls to a dentist’s office are due to a local Google search – if they already have a working SEO strategy, that is.

If you want to boost your marketing for dental office efforts, you’ve come to the right place.

What Can Proper Dental SEO Do For Your Business?

The Weeby Network has been doing business promotions for dentists and many other business owners for over 8 years now. And our customers couldn’t be more satisfied with the results they get.

The $8,470,000+ revenue we made for our clients can’t lie. Those of you looking for dental marketing that works: Know that you’re in the right hands.

Below, you’ll find all the benefits that come with our strategy:

  • We manage your online reputation through social media management. 40% of consumers report basing their health decisions on information from social media. Take advantage of it!
  • We set you up with a content marketing & management system. Your SEO-optimized content will increase trust in your dental practices and will drive relevant traffic to your website.
  • We provide website analytics. With all the extra people coming to your website, you need a way to know where they’re coming from. Our dental SEO company can help you concentrate your marketing efforts where it matters.
  • We offer keyword research services for PPC marketing. Google, Yahoo, Bing, you name it. If you’re using this method, you might as well have a fighting chance at it!
  • We top everything off with behavioral marketing research. Discover how to improve your customer’s experience and how to increase your click-through rates.

At the Weeby Network, we value business-to-business transparency. Want to know exactly how easy it will be for patients to find you online?

Get a FREE SEO audit for your business page. You’ll get to know some of the inner workings of our procedures. Don’t forget - these strategies have brought over $8 million to our other customers.

It’s time you joined their ranks!

Give one of the best dental SEO companies a call at +1 (800) 207-1675 or email us at Dominate online rankings and increase your client list today!






Professional Dental SEO is Vital for Increased Business

We’ve established how SEO can be a boon to your marketing campaigns; that’s a given. But you’re not in the clear yet.

Some of you might attempt doing everything that involves SEO by yourselves. You can even use the free SEO audit we provide and start working on it.

And nobody’s stopping you. After all, you decide where your hard-earned income goes.

Yes, you can find loads of free guides for SEO on the Internet - thousands of articles, hundreds of eBooks, tens of thousands of minutes of video on the subject.

What you won’t find online is more time to implement these strategies - not to mention reading about all of them in the first place.

Dental SEO marketing requires commitment. That’s time and effort best spent on your practice.

Outsourcing Your Dental SEO Leaves More Time for Patient Care

Here’s an example to illustrate our point. Loretta and Joel are both dentists. Loretta has had her office for 20 years, while Joel started only 3 years ago. They’re both doing well in terms of how many patients they get each month.

Yet they both feel like they could do much more. They ask around - maybe someone could help them with their marketing. In their search, they come across SEO as a viable method.

Loretta feels it’s too much work to do all on her own. Her age may have brought her much experience, but also a lingering feeling of weariness. She decides to just outsource the job to a SEO dental marketing agency – the Weeby Network.

Joel, on the other hand, is in his prime. He takes up the task of reading the immense amount of knowledge online, and gets to work on implementing some of it.

He’s surely going to save money now! Or is he? As he soon finds out, you don’t come home from work ready to work some more.

All this marketing for dental office he’s doing is affecting his performance at work. Soon enough, he manages to ruin an expensive crown he’s worked on for Mrs. Leibowicz.

Joel just lost one of his loyal patients and the $1,400 it took to make the crown.

Meanwhile, Loretta now has a lot of work on her hands. But does that work involve SEO?

No, she’s dealing with the patients that found her office with the help of one of the best dental SEO companies around.

Why Work With Us

We’ve been providing business promotions for dentists and other services for over 8 years now.

During that time, we’ve learned most dentists aren’t looking for more of a hassle. Their work schedule is enough as it is. No, they’re looking for someone to rely on, someone who gets things done.

Working with our dental SEO company means you get all of these benefits:

  • Expert local SEO – help potential patients find your office first. After all, you’re the best at your practice, and you want to show everyone that!
  • Keyword research for PPC advertising – drive traffic to your website with the help of optimized adverts. It’s all a walk in the park from thereon.
  • Content marketing services – get even more page traffic from SEO-optimized content for your field. Increase patients’ trust in your experience in the process!

If you’re looking for dental marketing that works, and don’t want to end up losing patients - like Joel did - give us a call at +1 (800) 207-1675 or email us at



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