Where Do We Start?

Having the right tools can drastically improve results of your efforts. Your website is your virtual business tool and it has to be treated this way. An extensive assessment of your website’s structure is the first step any company that provides SEO services must take. And that is exactly what we will do for you. You can request a free evaluation of your website here.

“SEO is Marketing”

One of the most widely spread misconception about SEO is the statement that SEO is all about the technical side of a website. The structure of your pages, well formatted content and correct placement of navigation (menus, bread crumbs, contextual references, etc.) is in fact very important. But first of all, SEO in Fort Lauderdale is about bringing traffic to the information, which in turn will result in sales for your services and products. Therefore SEO is marketing.. After you get equipped with the right tools, helping you to define the right keywords that will bring a stream of potentially valuable clients is the next step we will concentrate on.

Short-term and Long-term Goals

Quite often people that spend all their time communicating with colleagues of their professional circle disregard the fact that the clients may have their own terminology by which they refer to the products or services provided by the company (even in B2B relations). One of the very important features of our Fort Lauderdale SEO services is helping you research and define the right set of search terms for your SEO campaign. We compare the popularity of potentially effective keywords to the amount of related information that covers result pages of major search engines. Prioritizing your keyword list will emphasize the short and long-term goals for your online marketing efforts. This way you can start attracting organic traffic via smart selection of less-competitive keywords, while working on establishing your online presence for some of the highly demanded terms (that takes relatively more time).


Where Do We Go From Here?

Now is time to think about the content that will be equally helpful for search engines, as well as your visitors. Well formatted keyword rich content that clearly states your marketing message will be another important step to achieving success on the Internet.


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