SEO for Lawyers – Elevate Your Law Firm to New Heights

Law firm advertising has definitely changed over the past years. It used to be that if someone needed legal advice, they’d turn to the Yellow Pages or local news/TV ads.

Well, not anymore. Nowadays, 96% of people who are in need of legal help use search engines. How times have changed!

But that’s not all – out of all those, 74% end up visiting a law firm’s website. Well, that surely sounds convenient for you, but consider this: How visible is your website?

After all, less than 10% of online users ever bother going past the first search engine results page. If you don’t show up there, you’re not going to get very far.

Fortunately, there’s an answer – Lawyer SEO strategies! What is it? Well, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a surefire way of increasing your online visibility.

How does it work? Well, think of this: When people look up legal advice online, they use a certain phrase, right? Well, those are called keywords. Your goal is to have the most frequently searched keywords that are relevant to your law firm on your website.

This way, your business will draw in the clients you need. Plus, Internet marketing for lawyers works on numerous levels – basically, it has many benefits to offer.

SEO for Lawyers – 3 Advantages You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Surely, the statistics already speak for themselves. However, they are just numbers – they don’t explain how you will benefit from a law firm SEO marketing strategy. So, here are three primary advantages you should keep in mind:

  1. SEO offers clear, guaranteed results – Tracking the progress you make is a simple process. Most of the time, all you need is Google Analytics. Of course, if you work with us, we’ll handle that for you. Plus, we only offer quality results – we don’t give up until you’re on the first page!
  2. Your competitors are already using SEO – Even if you’re a lawyer, SEO is already being used in your domain. It’s not a matter of when they’ll start doing this. Most of your competition is probably already working on their online exposure. However, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve – Weeby Network, a professional SEO agency with plenty of experience under its belt.
  3. SEO for law firms is cost-efficient – For all SEO has to offer, you’d think it would really wreck havoc on your company budget. Well, not really – SEO is actually less expensive than other online advertising methods like PPC (Pay-per-Click), for instance. What’s more, even though SEO is inexpensive, it has massive potential to increase your law firm’s online exposure.

As you can see, nowadays, if you want to be a successful attorney, SEO marketing needs to be a part of your game plan. Of course, you have to make sure it’s done the right way. Otherwise, you’ll just waste time and money.

Well, when it comes to local SEO for lawyers, we’re the best in the field – over 8 years of experience! Plus, we’ll throw in a FREE SEO report as well.

If you want to get in touch with us and benefit from high-quality law firm SEO services, be sure to contact us at +1 (800) 207-1675 or

Why You Should Leave SEO for Lawyers to the Professionals

Now you know how local SEO for lawyers can help your law firm gain more online exposure. Everything sounds great, right?

Well, hold on just a sec, though. You do have to keep one thing in mind: If you want quality results, you must work with the best in the field. Anything less than that simply won’t cut it!

You might also be thinking that you could handle everything on your own. Well, just consider this: After a whole day’s work, do you really have the energy to start planning your attorney SEO marketing strategy when you get home?

Exactly! That’s why you should let reputable SEO agencies that have experience with law firm advertising take care of this.

Amateur vs. Professional SEO Services - How Much Difference Experience Can Make

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Yes, budget SEO companies do offer lower fees.

However, you must understand this: In the long run, they will actually cost you more money – not to mention time. Plus, don’t forget that the law firm SEO marketing strategy they provide is sub-par, to say the least.

Here’s a short outline of what sets renowned SEO agencies apart from their amateur counterparts:

  • They know how to offer a long-term return on investment – Inexperienced agencies are only preoccupied with short-term results. However, SEO for law firms works best over a longer period. Essentially, a professional agency knows how to make a commitment.
  • They really understand how search engines function – The problem with amateurs is that they don’t bother to keep up with the latest search engine algorithm updates. SEO specialists, on the other hand, are always up-to-date with the most recent guidelines. Don’t forget that a simple SEO error can sometimes cause a search engine to give your website a lower ranking.
  • They are able to tailor their strategies according to your needs – It’s not the other way around. Amateurs would stick to a rigid plan that might not work at all for your law firm. Experts, however, know what adjustments they need to make to ensure you get the SEO results you deserve.

In the end, it’s quite obvious you need the help of an agency that lives and breathes lawyer SEO strategies – an agency like Weeby Network, for instance.

Professional SEO for Lawyers – What You Gain by Working with Us

As a law firm, you need to show potential clients that you’re an authority in your domain. To do that, you need the best Internet marketing for lawyers there is by your side.

Well, we’re proud to say we can provide just that! Here’s a short list of how Weeby can help your law firm grow its online exposure:

  • We provide customized keyword research to ensure your PPC strategy drives exact results.
  • We offer specialized reputation management on social media to increase your brand’s authority and likeability – just what a lawyer SEO strategy should include!
  • We also handle everything from website analytics and behavioral marketing to call tracking.

We have over 8 years of experience, and raised more than $8 million for our clients – we let our experience do the talking for us!

So, get in touch with us at +1 (800) 207-1675 or today and get the edge you need over your competition with the best law firm SEO services available.


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