Internet marketing has become a 3 billion dollar a year industry, and for good reason. The number of internet users was reported to be 2 billion in 2011, something that is making the emergence of each internet marketing agency, a godsend to business owners looking to target and extend their reach at any time day or night. Those very same statistics tie internet users with the number of television owners!

If you have looked into what it would cost to develop a commercial and get it run on the air, you know it isn’t cheap. If you do get a commercial on the air it is hard to tell what demographic will be seeing your advertisement, and what time might be best for it to air. Sure you can guess at it and say things like stay at home moms and elderly people will be watching during the day but how many of your impressions or views actually turn into sales?

What if you could know exactly how many people a month are searching for a particular product? With internet marketing this is easy. An internet marketing agency can pin point an advertising campaign based on what people are looking for on the internet. This is called keyword research, as people use keywords to find things online; also known as search phrases. If your business is dentistry, internet marketing agencies can research exactly how many people are looking for dentists in your town. Furthermore they can find out what terms they are using to search for on the internet and get your website in front of those searchers; ultimately leading to more traffic, inquiries, and revenue.

The great thing about it is there is little to no guess work regarding the research and reports can be sent directly to you. You can choose campaigns that are targeted at people who are primed to spend money. If you own a clothing shop, an internet marketing agency can find people searching for terms like ‘where to buy clothes,’ for example. Now you know that people who search for this term have already decided to spend money. How much is that worth to your business?

Internet marketing agencies (or Small Business SEO) can use two main platforms to utilize this type of keyword research. You can run a pay-per-click campaign or an SEO campaign. With pay-per-click, an internet marketing agency will help you create ads that are shown to people searching for a given keyword. If they click on your ad you pay a certain amount of money for it which you bid on against competitors. If you go after the right keywords this can be an amazingly powerful tactic that brings immediate results.


The other way internet marketing agency’s use keyword research is with SEO or search engine optimization. This method leverages search engines to show your website to people who are looking for the keywords you target. This can pay off big time in the long run because your site will be generating organic traffic and increasing in authority along the way. This type of traffic does not cost you each time a user clicks on your website but is a slower generating campaign built for long term sustainability and doesn’t stop when you stop spending money on such campaigns like a PPC campaign.

An internet marketing agency can take all of this a step further. What if you knew that an internet marketing agency could actually research what your target audience is interested in, where they lived, what they did for fun and work, how old they were, if they were married, how they spend their time on your website, where they came from, and more? How valuable would that information be to you? With social media an internet marketing agency can do all of this too; sending targeted traffic to you and minimizing wasted marketing efforts and money.

Social media also adds another element to marketing. It allows you to build a brand and maintain a community and highly targeted and interested following. With community comes authority and trust, once you have this you have a market to advertise to on a recurring level. There’s no better customer than a lifelong or sustainable one. Not to mention word of mouth referrals will go through the roof extending your return on investment.

With an internet marketing agency on your side you have taken the first step in utilizing the most powerful advertising platform in the universe. You will have the opportunity to show your brand to millions of people with the right campaign, and that is not an over statement. If your company can handle more business and you want to make more money, contact an internet marketing agency now.


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