Start Your Detroit Business with a SEO Company

When a fresh startup or sluggish business needs new clients, customers and attention; many don’t ever think about the internet and if they do, they don’t know where to start. You can start your Detroit business with a SEO company because they will be able to offer far more targeted leads versus a television ad or print advertisement. Do some research on search engine optimization and you will quickly see that internet marketing is catching up to and will eventually pass the amount of media advertisement on the television and radio. More people have smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, mp3 players and other devices that have them connected to the internet every second of every day.

Anytime someone is looking for a product, service or business, you often hear “just Google it.” Take a minute and reflect on that sentence and you will probably even realize that you say it quite often or do it as well. It is the quickest way to getting your information that is both targeted and relevant. Internet marketing harnesses this premise and can bring you traffic, leads and exposure around the clock for as long as you maintain your websites rankings or campaign. This is much more beneficial than just running a television ad during certain hours of the day and hoping someone will see it and need your service. People are already coming to the internet looking for your service or product and are usually ready to buy with certain keywords. Focusing on these high ROI keywords and forming an internet marketing campaign around them has its benefits from many different perspectives.


Believe it or not, many local Detroit businesses, whether they are successful or not often don’t have much of an online presence. In short, they are severely affecting the amount of growth that they could experience from their sales and net profits. Because of this, many businesses in Detroit could start their business and quickly become a real threat to the competition because you could attract internet searchers rather quickly. A sales employee or manager could not offer lead generation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year; but SEO can. An SEO company specializes in all of these areas and can devise a plan of action for your business and its offerings. There will be research done both on your business and on the search results to see who the competition is, how you can compete, and what you can expect during the process.

One important thing to take note of is that you can receive lots of traffic from an SEO companies efforts, but if you do not have a proper website, or landing page to gather the leads and get them to call or email your business, then your marketing efforts are going to be wasted. You must have a properly built website that focuses on squeezing or getting the visitor to ‘act.’ There are many ways to do this including easy navigation, instructional videos, telling a visitor why they cannot live without your service or product, and answering all of their questions and concerns right then and there. Did you know that color choices and selections also have a profound impact on conversion rates and attention spans? An SEO company will often have a web design or optimization division within their company because of this reason. The color blue for example will calm the visitor, and when it is paired with black it can give the exclusive or professional feel. Green on the other hand isn’t as hard to figure out, it promotes the urge to spend money or that a visitor will be getting money.

If you haven’t already and are starting a Detroit business, contact a SEO company to at least get some preliminary information. The consultations are often free of charge and you can understand the process a little better and what internet marketing will be able to do for you. SEO can make your website visible on the first page for targeted keywords and receive traffic from these keywords. If you owned a hardware store in Detroit then you would want to be featured on the first page for “Detroit hardware store” and other variations that were searched on a monthly basis. Using Google and their tools, an SEO company can even tell you exactly how many searches each term gets a month and use this information to select the best keywords and discard the lesser queries. Starting a business in Detroit can be done quickly with an SEO company, as long as you understand how it can work and maximize its effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to spend money on an internet marketing campaign and keep it in your marketing mix for the long term.


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