Why Your Website May Need SEO Analysis

Every Website and/or blog has different issues when it comes to optimization. Our SEO analysis focuses on finding the reasons behind why your website is not ranking. There are many reasons that could be the cause.

With out putting you to sleep here are a few:

  • Content issues
  • Web Page On Page Element Optimization issues
  • Web page errors
  • Broken links on web pages
  • Sitemap issues
  • Lack of backlinks to your web pages
  • Lack of social signals to your web pages
  • And much more.


The Problem With Most SEO Companies in Cape May:

They do not truly have your best interests in mind.

How could they if they:

  • do not complete an SEO analysis that shows the issues surrounding your website optimization.
  • charge nominal fees to get you in the door.
  • make outrageous ranking promises, before assessing the competition for keywords you wish to rank for.

As a Cape May business, you know, that if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is. 

Most of these companies are not set up to optimize and rank your business in the search engines, let alone diagnose if there are critical issues that need to be addressed before trying to rank your website.

Here are what most Cape May SEO companies do:

  • Create spam, spun content and post it across the internet and link it back to your website in the hopes that it pushes your website ranking.
  • Some may optimize web pages on an individual basis.
  • A select few will look at your website holistically to find the issues that affect your site optimization and ranking.

Our goal as a company is to completely differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The truth is, that before a good Cape May SEO company starts working on your website, they should have a full picture of: your website, it’s pages, the content on them and the websites that link to them. Good SEO companies in New Jersey should always get this information upfront. A strategic plan needs to be formed, on how to correct the many different issues that plague your website, before out bound marketing begins.

How We Start Our SEO Analysis

We start our SEO Audits by:

  • Crawling your website with our search engine spider. We need to see you website and it’s pages just like the search engines.
  • Next we analyze the data from Google Webmaster Tools.
  • We analyze your backlink profile as seen through the top SEO tools in the industry.
  • We analyze your metric data from Google analytics.
  • We look at many other factors such as: site structure, page errors, sitemaps, robot.txt files, web page load speed and more, before we make an assessment of your website.

Our holistic SEO approach will diagnose the issues that surround your website.

Get to the bottom of why your websites pages are not ranking in Google and the search engines.

Local Marketing in Cape May

WEEBY NETWORK  provides a wide range of Local Marketing Services in Cape May and surroundings areas such as Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and other cities in South Jersey to help fill your sales funnel with local marketing leads.

Businesses in Cape May who want to drive authentic reviews from their client’s web enabled devices to specific citation sources should consider our reputation management services. We work hand in hand with our clients, to get the most positive real reviews from clients in a Federally compliant manner, while mitigating negative reviews from going live online. Our local marketing services can include social media monitoring, which is a form of reputation management, where we proactively scan hundreds of social networks for specific keywords and branded phrases that are specific to you company.

In this manner we can proactively tell you when and who is speaking badly about your company in real time, so that you company can mitigate the situation and at the same time show that your brand cares and help the client out from a customer service perspective, all the while showing that you care to the social community. We can also protect your open social profiles in your name from being used against you and your brand.


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