Summer has a firm grip with all its facets. Some love the heat, others complain about it. The football summer fairy tale got off to a great start this summer and now the holiday season begins. Beach parties, picnics in the park and garden birthdays with the children. Whatever you have planned, here are the most popular summer gifts. How to activate visa gift card is also a nice option to choose for.

Number 1 – The self-designed towel

Clearly what would summer be without towels? Exactly, unimaginable: towel in the swimming pool, towel on the beach, towel on the lake, towels just everywhere. It is about the same at work, you are surrounded by it from morning to night. But you will love to see the creative designs and then imagine How to activate visa gift card the towels will later lie on the beach and go on a trip.

Number 2 – flip flops with your own design

Either you hate them or you love them the good old flip flops! This summer here are branded new printed flip flops in your range and of course you will like them very much.

Number 3 – The printed dress for hot summer days

People are particularly proud of these summer dress: Together with the designer, the dressmakers have designed this great dress over the course of weeks. Several trial prints and versions later you have the dress exactly as is imagined it. The designer dress with your own design!

Number 4 – With the picnic blanket on excursions

A picnic blanket is simply practical and can be used anytime, anywhere. On the beach, in the garden, in the swimming pool, on the lawn on excursions just unfold, sit on it and enjoy the day. Printed picnic blanket consists of a soft layer of fleece, which are printed with your design and a waterproof, robust underlayer.

Number 5 – The grill apron designed by yourself

A summer without evenings in the garden, with friends and family barbecuing together? Inconceivably. Barbecues are an inseparable part of a beautiful summer. If you are invited again and are looking for a suitable souvenir – a printed apron is always well received. Funny souvenir photos, cheeky sayings or a cool self-designed design. The apron can be put on for barbecuing (practical that it can be easily washed and then used again at any time). Here online you can upload photos and see what your printed grill apron could look like.